Original Oil on Canvas by Marco Tamburro



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Original Oil on Canvas by Marco Tamburro

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5798 - Original oil on canvas by Italian artist Marco Tamburro, titled "Pistola A Mano". Supplied with a replacement valuation of £3250, free of charge. Born in 1974 in Perugia, the son of the renowned Italian artist Antonio Tamburro, Marco studied art, furniture design and architecture at the Istituto d'Arte, Perugia where he graduated from with Honours in Art and Furniture in 1994. Marco wished to continue his studies and moved to Milan where he went on to further study at the Brera academy of fine arts where he got interested in theatre set design and photography, before making a permanent move to Rome where he graduated from the Rome Academy of Fine Arts in 1999. He has had solo exhibitions in Roma, Udine and Edinburgh, and collective exhibitions in Bari, Viareggio, Venezia, Bologna, Cannes, Padua and New York and Mexico City. His interests in theatre and photography are dominant in his work and he is forever with a paint brush or camera in hand photographing everything from derelict buildings to everyday people rushing past in the streets, to the multitude of statues and fountains of his adopted city which he then recreates as a collage on canvas from his attic studio apartment overlooking many of Rome's famous historical attractions. Marco lives and breathes art and is an exceptional talent.. H: 150cm W: 100cm D: 4cm

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